Skin changes in pregnancy In pregnancy due to the effect of hormones, your body face & neck maybecome dark. This is called as Melasma (Mask of pregnancy) It will not respond to skin creams. It will come back to normal postpregnancy.Gynecologist In Velachery You can use stretch mark creams over your abdomen, to prevent […]

  Pain in pregnancy Painkillers cannot be given in pregnancy Gynecologist In Velachery Women do suffer due to various types of pain in pregnancy like a headache,back pain, coastal margin, pain near the panty line, pain in the legs, painin the breasts. Though it is all normal and due to a stretch of the muscles […]

  EDEMA Swelling of the legs is common in pregnancy. This is called edema.Cmhospital will guide Gynecologist In Medavakkam If edema is associated with increased blood pressureà it is calledpre-eclampsia it needs attention from your doctor. If there is no high BP. You can ignore the edema, and just give hersupportive measures like massage, hot water […]

  EXERCISE IN PREGNANCY Main Reason for Increased cesarian section is the lack of exercise.cmhospital Gynecologist In Velachery willlet some of the guidelines. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. It has beenmade like a disease due to social issues and beliefs. Exercise and healthyeating will increase the probability of normal delivery, but definitely itis no something guaranteed. Exercise […]

  ABNORMAL SYMPTOMS IN PREGNANCY some of the symptoms which are abnormal during pregnancy been listed byGynecologist In Velachery Bleeding Unusual severe abdominal pain Vaginal discharge Severe headache Swelling of the legs Blurring of vision Related Topics: #best fertility doctors in Chennai#best fertility hospital in Chennai#best fertility centre in Chennai#best hospital for ivf in Chennai#best […]

  Tips for natural birthing TIP NO.1: KEEP MOVING during your child birth and pregnancy. Do squats,stairs, walking, lunging statesFertility Centre in Chennai. TIP NO.2: Choose your birth partner – your husband / mother/ mother in law who is confident and calm person TIP NO.3: Learn to Relax and not overthink. Encourage your partner to […]

  Baby friendly hospital CM HOSPITAL Best Gynecologist in Chennai for Normal Delivery is a baby friendly HOSPITAL.BFHI was launched by WHO and UNICEF in 1991. It is to improve hospitals role in promoting breast feeding. It improves the care of pregnant women, mothers and new born at hospitals to encourage breast feeding .Exclusive Brest feeding is […]

  Delayed cord clamping At the moment your baby’s Born 1/3 of their blood is still outside their body states cm hospital Best Gynecologist in Chennai for Normal Delivery . If you delay cord clampy for 90 seconds they get 60% more blood cells. They get enough Iron supply. They get WBC to help fight infection. […]

  Facts on Miscarriage What is Miscarriage? Loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks of pregnancy / 5th month. Usually it occurs in first 12 weeks It causes a lot of stress and tension to the couples and family. They always want to know what went wrong. Some patients have repeatedmiscarriages or Bad obstetric history which requires […]

  CERVICAL ENCERCLAGE CERVICAL ENCERCLAGE – CERVICAL O S TIGHTENING Over Guidance of Fertility Centre in Chennai 1.This procedure is done for patients who have had abortion after 3 rd month of pregnancy 2.Short Cerix 3. Recurrent Pregnancy loss 4. Sometimes in IVF pregnancies It is a minor procedure done under short IV anaesthesia requiring one dayadmission in […]