First 3 months of pregnancy can be very tedious. Vomiting can be very
severe for some women. Vomiting tablets should be taken as soon as you wake
up, sometimes even before you brush your teeth. If one medicine doesn’t
work for you ask your doctor for another tablet.

You must not starve in your first 3 months of pregnancy just because your
vomiting. Even if you vomit, you must eat little bit you can use pickle or
dry fruit to change the taste of your mouth. Sometimes you may go on to
have blood in the vomiting, It is due to severe vomiting. Its usually
nothing to worry.

In some women, they may develop buring sensation in upper abdomen, due to
gastritis. Ask your doctor for appropriate medicines. It is usually safe to
take and you don’t have to suffer.

Excessive salvation can happen, there is no medicine to control, you don’t
have to worry.

Constipation is very common in first Trimester, due to hormonal changes and
due to heavy vomiting. If suppose it is severe, you can take medicines to
relieve yourself, which can be taken throughout pregnancy if necessary.

Eat a lot of spinach, do not overdo banana or red banana to treat
constipation as it can lead to excessive weight gain.

Excessive sleep is very common in first 3 months, allow the pregnant mother
to rest as per her wish , so that she can tide over the first 3 months, at
her own space. Don’t be aggressive with the new mother, her body has to get
used to hormonal changes and after 12 weeks she will be active and fit
again. She will be able to exercise after that.

If she is a working lady, let her only go to work and rest at home.

If she is a homemaker allow her to do work at her own pace and help her in
her household chores.

Headache – it can occur due to dehydration and excessive vomiting.

Always check your BP with your doctor if you have headache as it can be a
warning sign of a condition called PIH “ Pregnancy Induced Hypertension”.

If there is no BP, then usually it is treated with tablets like Crocin, and
it will relieve the pregnant lady and it is nothing to worry.

Breast changes – The nipple and aerola enlarge in size, there can be
enlargement of the black area the nipples. The breast is getting ready for

Small amount of colourless secretion from the breast is normal, but if
there is milk secretion you must inform your doctor and avoid handling the
breast too often as it may lead to more secretion and engorgement.

Wear a well fitted brassiere to accommodate the growing breasts , or it may
lead to sagging after 1 year after birth of baby, the importance of which
you may not realise now.

You can climb stairs and sit on the floor unless your doctor as given you
specific instructions not to do so.

August 10, 2018 / Pregnancy

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