Urinary infection and vaiginal discharge

Urinary infection and vaiginal discharge

If a pregnant woman has increased lower abdominal pain or increased
frequency of urination she may have urinary tract infection. Cm hospital
have recommendedGynecologist In Velachery guided you
with their guidelines.

Many women have increased frequency of urination in the first 3 months and
last 3 months of pregnancy.

FIRST 3 MONTHS: Its due to pressure of the pregnant uterus on the baldder

LAST 3 MONTHS: The baby’s head may press on the bladder causing increased
frequency of urination.

Urinary infection is common in pregnancy and hence drink lots of water and
empty your bladder as and when required.

Inform you doctor if you have symptoms. She will do a urine routine and
culture and prescribe you some gentle antibiotics.

If untreated, the infection may become heavy and go upto the kidneys.

Fungal infection are common in the genital region, due to wetness and
moisture so dry yourself well after bath and then wear your panties we can
use ointments to treat these infections.

Some amount of white discharge is a common in pregnancy, due to increased
blood flow to the genitor urinary system (uterus and vagina).

August 16, 2018 / Pregnancy

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