Tips for natural birthing

Tips for natural birthing

TIP NO.1: KEEP MOVING during your child birth and pregnancy. Do squats,stairs, walking, lunging states
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TIP NO.2: Choose your birth partner – your husband / mother/ mother in law who is confident and calm person

TIP NO.3: Learn to Relax and not overthink. Encourage your partner to give you a massage. Try to relax between contraction. Instead of being over anxious about the next event.

TIP NO. 4: Please don’t gain too much during pregnancy period. Do enough exercise.

TIP NO. 5: Breathe well learn to exhale well.

TIP NO. 6: Take child birth classes and get yourself educated. Read good books and gain more knowledge.

TIP NO. 7: Choose good doctor who is confident.

TIP NO. 8: Decide if you will be able to tolerate pain or whether you need EPIDURAL ANESTHESIA for painless Labor. Pain threshold is very less amongst modern women. Don’t be confused until last minute.

November 2, 2018 / Fertility, Pregnancy

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