Tips For Air Travel During Pregnancy

Tips For Air Travel During Pregnancy

• Pregnant women are permitted to take wing by their doctors.

• If you have complications hypertension and low lying placenta, you may possibly not be endorsed to air travel.

• Also, women who have experienced premature delivery beforehand.

• Women who have high risk during pregnancy might be facing the provoked discomposure or many other difficulties during the air travel.

• First is to drink plenty of fluid to keep the body hydrated during the flight.

• Rotate ankles and wrists in small circles. Short walks & stretches.

• Make sure there can avoid clamps and improve blood circulation.

• Most airlines allow travel upto 32 weeks of pregnancy .its important to get a fit to fly certficate from your doctor before air travel

• Let your cabin crew know , they will be happy to give you seats with good leg room and help you with baggage loading

• Get a seat near the rest room

May 14, 2018 / Pregnancy

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