Test during pregnancy

Test during pregnancy

In your first visit at cm hospital Gynecologist In Velachery , your
personal history, family history, medical surgical, and drug history will
be taken .

Your LMP will be recorded.

Urine pregnancy test will be the first test done to confirm.

Only if necessary, a blood test Beta HCG will be done.

An ultrasound will be done to confirm if pregnancy is inside the uterus at
5 weeks itself as even in a tube/Ectopic pregnancy. Urine test for
pregnancy will be positive.

An internal examination will done only if you have any complaints and not
for everyone.

What and why of investigations?

Haemoglobin – To find the amount of blood that is there in the body. If the
value is more than 10 gms it is good. Haemoglobin will again be checked at
24 weeks and near delivery.

Blood group – Most vital test and every woman should know it. If a woman is
negative group the husband blood group is tested, then if the child inside
is RH+ve then after birth, the mother should be given ‘ANTI-D injection’ or
else the 2nd baby can be affected.

BLOOD SUGAR (very important):

10% of our pregnant women have diabetes in pregnancy


(75gm glucose challenge test) is the most accurate test that has been to
diagnose diabetes in pregnancy and many complications associated with it
from abortions to unexplained death of the baby.

HIV/VDRL/HbSAgà To screen the woman for infectious diseases.

Urine routine and urine culture à to ruled out any urinary tract
infections, urine sugar is not accurate. Urine C/s is used to find if there
is any infection.If present it will be treated with appropriate antibiotics.


It is checked to make the counts
are normal as a low platelet count, they have increased bleeding during

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