SAFE ABORTION We help you stop worrying Safe abortion practices by a trained doctor at Best Fertility Centre in Chennai will help you terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Self-medication for abortion may turn out to be fatal. Please avoid such practices. Termination of pregnancy that is not a registered medical practitioner been made an offense punishable with […]

  Sleeping positions in pregnancy Cm hospital have some of the guidelines which is the leading Best Fertility Centre in Chennai 1) FIRST 3 MONTHS You can sleep in any position 2) NEXT 3 MONTHS Do not lie in prone position i.e. with your face down 3) AFTER 7 MONTHS It is good to lie down on your sides preferably left lateral […]

  Ectopic Pregnancy Cm hospital have which is the leading Best Fertility Centre in Chennai and have  best fertility doctor in chennai out some points over this ectopic pregnancy. (Q) I had an ectopic pregnancy what should I do to avoid another one? (A) It is not possible to avoid an ectopic pregnancy completely especially if […]

  VOMITING IN PREGNANCY First 3 months of pregnancy can be very tedious. Vomiting can be very severe for some women. Vomiting tablets should be taken as soon as you wake up, sometimes even before you brush your teeth. If one medicine doesn’t work for you ask your doctor for another tablet. You must not […]

  Test during pregnancy In your first visit at cm hospital Gynecologist In Velachery , your personal history, family history, medical surgical, and drug history will be taken . Your LMP will be recorded. Urine pregnancy test will be the first test done to confirm. Only if necessary, a blood test Beta HCG will be done. An […]

  DOWNS SYNDROME SCREENING Cmhospital Gynecologist In Velachery elaborate its view on down syndrome It is a chromosome defect. It is very common in women more than 30 years, family history or previous history. It should be done by 11-14 weeks. On recent times due to late marriages and late baby planning à Downs syndrome has become […]