Sleeping positions in pregnancy

Sleeping positions in pregnancy

Cm hospital have some of the guidelines which is the leading Best Fertility Centre in Chennai

1) FIRST 3 MONTHS You can sleep in any position

2) NEXT 3 MONTHS Do not lie in prone position i.e. with
your face down

3) AFTER 7 MONTHS It is good to lie down on your sides
preferably left lateral

4) As the enlarged Uterus will press on the aorta – a large blood vessel
running along the centre of your body ( AORTO CAVAL COMPRESSION), it is better to sleep on your

5) You can keep a pillow on your back if you are not able to lie on your
sides completely.

6) It will not harm you if you lie down on your back in deep sleep. Don’t
constantly stress about it.

7) Your sleeping position will not influence the baby getting the cord
around neck. Baby is constantly moving no matter how your position is


MYTH: You have to get up and turn every time you want to turn in bed.

This is a common myth, please don’t get influenced by it SLEEP WELL you need 8 hours sleep in pregnancy.

9) BE FLEXIBLE AND ACTIVE. Do not get confused.

July 4, 2018 / Pregnancy

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