Skin changes in pregnancy

Skin changes in pregnancy

In pregnancy due to the effect of hormones, your body face & neck may
become dark. This is called as Melasma (Mask of pregnancy)

It will not respond to skin creams. It will come back to normal post
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You can use stretch mark creams over your abdomen, to prevent stretch
marks. It will be reduced by 70% but cannot be completely avoided.

There are treatments post pregnancy which can reduce if further it you are
very conscious.

Use stretch mark cream in plenty 2-3 times all over the abdomen & sides
of your body to reduce the appearance of stretch masks. You must use
liberally, to see some effect post delivery.

These stretch masks are called as striae gravidarun and The dark line on
the center of the body is called linea niagra.

The formation of stretch marks is due to breakage of collagen i.e. elastic
fibres in the skin, Hence generous usage of creams will reduce the
appearance. Some people if they have good skin elasticity, do not develop
stretch marks at all, (This a very rare phenomenon)

Avoid unwanted uncontrolled weight gain in order to prevent stretch masks.

Itching in pregnancy
– It comes very often in pregnancy during the last few months, It is due to
the stasis of bile. It is called as pruritis of pregnancy.

There are tablets to control this itching and consult your doctor as it can
be due the elevated liver enzymes.

Avoid too much scratching as it can cause permanent marks.

August 20, 2018 / Pregnancy

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