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Safe abortion practices by a trained doctor at Best Fertility Centre in Chennai will help you terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Self-medication for abortion may turn out to be fatal. Please avoid such practices.

Termination of pregnancy that is not a registered medical practitioner been made an offense punishable with rigorous imprisonment not less than 2 years by Indian penal code.

Family planning doctors will give you professional and safe advice keeping in mind your privacy and plan your childbirth when you are ready.


Abortions – unsafe abortions is very dangerous and life-threatening.

MTP- Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971


1. A pregnancy may be terminated by a registered medical practitioner if when the length of the pregnancy is less than 12 weeks.

2. When the length of pregnancy is between 12 – 20 weeks by 2 registered medical practitioners.

3. When continuing the pregnancy it can be a risk to the life of pregnant women or to her physical or mental health.

4. When a child born would be seriously handicapped.

5. When pregnancy is alleged to be a result of rape.

6. When pregnancy is a result of the failure of contraception methods (breakage of condoms/failure of pills)

7. When pregnancy is in less than 18 years of age it requires the consent of the guardians.

8. Pregnancy cannot be terminated without the consent of the woman.

9. Pregnancies can be terminated only at a place where it is approved by the government to do so.

Abortion laws of our country all liberal and understanding of the woman’s mental and physical health

Hence have SAFE ABORTION and do not self-medicate kindly consult Best Gynecologist in Chennai and injure your health and health of your uterus and your future

June 28, 2018 / Pregnancy

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