Ramzan Fasting during pregnancy

Ramzan Fasting during pregnancy

Though there is an old saying that goes to avoid fasting and feasting in pregnancy . Many women have been fasting in pregnancy for centuries.

If you decide to fast some of the guidelines have been added says Fertility Centre in Chennai.

1) Avoid heavy physical activity during fasting

2) Hydrate yourself before the fasting

3) Avoid very spicy food and masala items while break fast

4) Take high protein foods like eggs meats and chicken and beafs

5) Avoid caffeinated drinks like soft drinks, coffee, tea, green tea.

It is also important that women do not feel any guilt if they feel they give up on the fasting.

No one should put pressure on the pregnany or breast feeding mother toexceed her body limits “RAMADAN MUBARAK”<

May 7, 2019 / Pregnancy

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