Process Of The Egg Donor IVF Method

Process Of The Egg Donor IVF Method

The Egg donor IVF process is very helpful for women who cannot produce fertile eggs or face some other difficulties in using their own eggs. Generally, women who are getting close to 40 years of age face such issues. At times like these, they would look for possible treatment options. This method is one such option. Let us see the process of the Egg Donor IVF method in this blog post.

It is always better to consult a fertility centre in Chennai before proceeding with any fertility treatment. It is because a woman’s condition is not the same as another.

Who can use the Egg Donor option?

The following would be the cases in which the couple choose this treatment option:

  1. If the woman only produces low quality eggs or none at all.
  2. A woman who has a uterus but does not have ovaries.
  3. Sometimes, the female would choose the egg donor method if they do not wish to transmit any genetic disorders to the child.
  4. Any woman who has crossed 42 years of age.

The circumstances may not be always limited to the above factors. Consult your partner and get professional advice from your gynecologist in Velachery.

How does this method work?

Once the gynecologist concludes that the egg donor IVF method is suitable, then the process begins.

1 – Finding an egg donor

The very first step is to find a fitting egg donor who is willing to contribute to you. The source of the donor may be anyone from your family members or an egg bank. Spend a lot of time deciding on a suitable donor. If you are unable to find someone, take the help of your gynecologist in Medavakkam to arrive at the desired egg donor.

2 – Synchronise the menstrual cycle

Once the doctor has done all the tests, the actual egg donor process starts. Both the donor and the mother’s menstrual cycle should be similar to proceed with the next step. It is because when the fertilised eggs are ready, the mother’s embryo will naturally be favorable to accept them.

3 – Egg donor IVF: The main cycle

Now that both women are on their periods, the donor will start taking prescribed medicines to signal her body to start producing eggs. The donor’s cycle resembles the standard IVF process except for the embryo transfer step. The gynecologist In Madipakkam would make certain that the mother and the donor’s reproductive system are in line with the other.

The mother will be given estrogen supplements to make her uterus lining suitable for implantation.

Once the donor’s eggs reach a certain level, the doctor would give her an injection of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to initiate the last step in the egg maturation stage. On the other side, the mother would be given progesterone supplements.

4 – Egg retrieval

After the eggs have matured, it is now time for egg retrieval. At the direction of the gynecologist in Adambakkam, the donor will come to the hospital on the day of the extraction. The moment the eggs are retrieved, the role of the donor will come to an end in this process.

Later, on the same day, the male partner would give his semen and the doctor would wait for the eggs to be fertilized. On the third or the fifth day of this step, the mother gets ready for embryo transfer.

5 – Embryo transfer

It is the final step in the egg donor IVF process. The healthy embryos would now be transferred to the mother’s uterus with the extra ones, if any, saved later for a future cycle by freezing them.

The mother would still be required to take supplements and ten days after this process is complete, a pregnancy test will reveal the success of the procedure.

You should not always restrict yourself to a particular treatment option and nor be disheartened if you fail at it. With the advancements in the medical field, you can now get more success at getting pregnant and building a happy family.

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