• Sweat it out – Do a lot of Yoga, dancing, exercise once you cross 35 weeks.
• Even before 35 weeks you should exercise regularly and walk to be able to prepare your baby for Labor.
• WAIT- Don’t be in a hurry to see the end.
• Breaking of waters is not a reason for immediate panic.
• Delayed cord clamp up – There is no need to cut the cord until the pulsations stop. It helps the baby get more Iron. (There are specific reasons where delayed cord claying should not be done)
• Your hospital and doctor should be early accessible to answer any queries that may cause post-delivery
• Your staff and doctor should have what they do, to be energetic and enthusiastic about the pregnancy as you are.
• It is important that your husband is a good birth partner to encourage you throughout labor.
• Your appointments with your doctor should give you the necessary space and time to discuss your queries. So select the top rated Fertility Centre in Chennai is capable of performing the best fertility treatments.
• You need to keep hydrating yourself with milk, juice, and water whilst you are in labor. There is no reason to keep you nil oral unless some complication is anticipated.
• Breastfeeding must be encouraged quickly after birth and should not be used unless absolutely necessary.
• Postnatal warm baths are necessary to encourage milk production. You can add lavender essential oil / Nilgiri oil to the water.
• Our nursing staff team will help to answer your questions when in doubt.

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