Gynecologist in Madipakkam

Dr. Chandrika Manimaran and Dr. Krithika Manimaran, the mother, daughter duo who have been birthing women for the last 35 years, runs this Fertility Centre in Chennai. Dr. Chandrika has been treating pregnant women from the year 1985. Several generations of women. Many mothers and grandmothers of her current mothers were delivered by her and thankfully we have kept up to the trust they had in us. She was joined by Dr. Krithika Manimaran who was a gold medalist in gynecology joined her in the year 2011. Ever since we can render more effective services to many mothers.

Appropriate healthcare and timely correct treatment are vital in childbirth.

“Childbirth through a natural process. The line between a natural phenomenon and a pathological disaster to the mother and baby’s health is thin. So one to one care and experience is very important” says Dr. Chandrika Manimaran.

“Overzealous and overenthusiastic approach is wrong at the same time you have to be mature, calm and collected to be a good gynecologist,” says Dr. Krithika Manimaran.

It is important to make use of the latest advances like painless labor epidural anesthesia when necessary as it gives a lot of comfort to the patient at the same time, Nature should be given time and over treatment should be avoided. Modern medicine’s knowledge base is a must to avoid disastrous complications.

We practice delayed cord clamping to ensure that the baby gets adequate blood and nourishment.

The Right balance of medical management, watchful expectancy, and surgical intervention only when necessary is needed to give the correct treatment to your patient.

The gynecologist in Madipakkam are doctors who specialize in women’s health issues more specifically the female reproductive system.

They specialize in the treatment of menopause, poly cystic ovaries, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy, fibroid, and family planning.

When you have the following symptoms you must consult your gynecologist.

1. Abnormal heavy bleeding
2. Lower abdominal pain
3. Lumps in the breast
4. Fissure causing constipation
5. Irregular periods
6. White Discharge
7. Itching of the Vagina
8. Bleeding after menopause
9. Fibroid in uterus
10. Ovarian Cysts
11. Infertility
12. Cervical Incompetence

Some of the services offered by them are:

1. Laparoscopic surgery
2. Intrauterine Insemination
3. Artificial Insemination
4. In Vitro Fertilization
5. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
6. PCOD / PCOS treatment
7. Hysteroscopy
8. Cesarean Section
9. Hysterectomy(Abdominal / Vaginal)
10. Normal delivery
11. Natural Birthing
12. Cervical Cerclage
13. Egg donation and Embryo donation
14. Non-surgical fibroid treatment
15. Abortion Medical Termination of pregnancy.

HOW TO CHOOSE Best Ivf Center In Chennai?


Make sure it is a registered fertility clinic, with an aim to provide quality health care.


Not all person who goes to a fertility clinic is going to walk out with a baby. As fertility treatment comes with a success percentage. So choose the ones with a motive to give you success with a dedicated approach.


Check to see the specialization of the doctor, not all gynecologists are expert’s infertility treatment and a focused approach to fertility treatment is needed to get the much desired positive result unnecessary procedures should be avoided at least.


If you have to wait a long duration to even get an appointment. You need to rethink your choices, as fertility treatment is time-bound, it requires multiple visits to the hospital you cannot be left in the lurch waiting for days together to get the appointment.

This long duration to give an appointment often works in favor of the fertility clinic than the patient.


If you require consistency in providing treatment, you must decide accordingly as for some patients seeing different set doctors at each time which may not be beneficial. This is usually done to give flexible timings to the workforce.


• How will you travel to the clinic? and what are the costs involved?
• Treatment cycles can be emotionally challenging can you juggle a long journey and your treatment?
• Will you be able to take leave in your job to accommodate travel?

7) How much importance does your fertility expert give to adhering to standard guidelines and adopting methods that are proven to give results? As there are a whole lot of procedures that can be done in the basket of fertility treatment – but not everything has been accepted by research and evidence-based medicine. It is better not to waste money on “NEWER INNOVATIONS” without any research-based evidence supporting them.
Solve all your infertility and pregnancy queries with the best Gynecologist In Velachery.

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