Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

Cm hospital have which is the leadingBest Fertility Centre in Chennai Jot
out some points over this ectopic pregnancy.

(Q) I had an ectopic pregnancy what should I do to avoid another one?

(A) It is not possible to avoid an ectopic pregnancy completely especially
if the other tube looks

good post-treatment.

Especially if you want to try a Natural conception.

Early scanning after missing period within 7 to 10 days scan diagnose a
healthy pregnancy and

rule out ectopic pregnancy.

(Q) What is the management of ECTOPIC?

(A) 2 lines of management MEDICAL & Surgical

Medical Management:
For small ectopic pregnancies, with low PHCG values, Injection methotrexate
can be given and serial PHCG monitory can be done to see if values decrease
so that the ectopic pregnancy will get destroyed from the body. Duration of
treatment is long.

Surgical Management:-

Laparoscopic salpingectomy. This gives an instant solution, There is no
risk of Rupture of tubes. No chances of recurrence of ectopic in the same
side.If the

patient has completed the family. This may be a better option.As it is a
keynote surgery recovery will be easy.

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