Cmhospital Gynecologist In Velachery elaborate its view on down syndrome It is a chromosome defect. It is very common in women more than 30 years, family history or previous history. It should be done by 11-14 weeks.

On recent times due to late marriages and late baby planning à Downs
syndrome has become quite common.

As this test can prevent the birth of a baby that would have mental
retardation. This test is offered to pregnant mothers and has gone a long
way in preventing the birth of a unhealthy babies.

The neck bone, skull and nasal bone development along with blood tests are
used to detect the birth of a potentially unhealthy baby.

If the test is positive, then we go for a confirmatory test called
aminocentesis, which is a more invasive test and is done only if some
serious problems is suspected.

A combination of ultrasound scan and blood test is done to find at risk

August 18, 2018 / Pregnancy

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