Breech Presentation Is When The Baby Has Its Buttocks Down And The Head Is At The Level Of The Mother’s Chest.
Breech Presentation When You Are In Labor Or Full Term May Sometimes Be An Indication For Cesarean Section.
The Babies Body May Slip Out, But The Head Can Get Stuck Inside Your Pelvis. It Is Called As After coming Head. It Is A Very Dreaded Complication. It Can Lead To Birth Injuries Causing Permanent Irreversible Damage to IQ And The Nerves Of Your Baby’s Hands And Shoulders.
When Is Breech Normal At 20 Weeks Pregnancy – 95% Of Babies Are In Breech Position.
At 34-36 Weeks 40 To 50% Babies Are In Breech Position.
You Need Not Do Anything Do Not Believe In Any Old Wives Tales Or Practices That Promise To Change The Position
Just Give Nature Time And The Baby Will Automatically Turn To Cephalic Presentation.
External Cephalic Version That Is Turning A Breech Baby To Cephalic Presentation Should Be Done Only In Expert Hands And In The Absence Of Any Risk Factors. As If It Is Done By Untrained Professionally Can Cause Fetal Distress And Can Hamper Well Being Of Baby Seriously. Gynecologist In Adambakkam Has Hands-On Experience To Handle These Cases. You Don’t Need To Worry

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