Breast Feeding TIPS

Breast Feeding TIPS

1) Rest Well, Drink Plenty Of Fluids
2) Go Skin To Skin – Strip Baby Of Its Clothes And Hold Skin To Skin When You Nurse.
3) Avoid Formula / Milk Powder
4) Give Breastmassages And Warm Complresses
5) Keep On Feeding The Baby. Don’t Look At The Clock
6) Get The Perfect Latch. Baby’s Mouth Should Completely Encircle Breast.
7) Eat Oats, Fenugreek {Vendhayam} Fennel [Sombu]
8) Use Breast Pump Between Feeds To Increase Supply – 3 Times A Day.
9) Avoid Plastic Nipple Pacifiers.
10) Spend More Time With Baby And Concentrate Less On Other Things And Negative Thoughts. A Good Gynecologist In Madipakkam Will Always Guide Those Things To Their Patients. They Care For Their Patients The Most Valuable One.

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