Baby friendly hospital

Baby friendly hospital

CM HOSPITAL Best Gynecologist in Chennai for Normal Delivery is a baby friendly HOSPITAL.
BFHI was launched by WHO and UNICEF in 1991. It is to improve hospitals role in promoting breast feeding. It improves the care of pregnant women, mothers and new born at hospitals to encourage breast feeding .
Exclusive Brest feeding is advised for first 6 months . Breast fed babies are less likely to suffer from serious illness like gastroenteritis asthma, eczema and respiratory and ear infections.
There are benefits for the mother too.
Women who don’t breast feed are prone to heart disease, obesity high blood pressure, ovarian and breast cancer.
CM HOSPITAL is a baby friendly Hospital :- CRITERIA:
 Inform all pregnant women about benefits and management of breast feeding.Staff should know how to breast feed and maintain lactation
 Encourage new born to have no food or drink other than breast milk, not even sips of waterunless medically needed.
 Practice Rooming in – Baby and mother should remain in same room together 24 hours a day
 Start breast feeding in the Labour room / operation theatre even during cesarean.
 Start breast feeding within 1 ½ hours of birth at the latest.
 Encourage breast feeding on demand. Do not keep on looking at the clock.
 No artificial teats or pacifiers to be used.
 Formula should be given with tumbler and spoon and not bottle. As bottle use leads to nipple confusion.
 Ensure availability of support groups to encourage breast feeding to contact when discharged from hospital.

November 12, 2018 / Fertility

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