1. Understand Her Mood Swings, Support Her Verbally And Physically. Your Tender Loving Words Make Her Sail Through The Pregnancy With Ease.
2. 1st Trimester:- She Will Be Tired, Sleepy And Vomiting. Please Don’t Force Her To Eat. Burden Her With All Your Expectations. Don’t Force Her To Exercise In The First 3 Months Itself.
3. Try To Accompany Your Wife For Checkups To Make A Note Of Questions To Ask Your Doctor.
4. Don’t Tell HORROR STORIES / Don’t Do Excessive Google Research As It May Remove Your Positivity.
5. Don’t Show Your Love By Asking Her To Eat More. Make Sure She Eats Healthy. Write Down Motivational Quotes And Stick In Your Room.
6. Acknowledge Warning Signs Like Headaches, Excessive Swelling Of Feet, Blurring Of Vision, Yellowness Of Skin, Excessive Itching And Report To Your Doctor If You See Or Hear About These Warning Bells.
7. Accompany Your Wife To Antenatal Exercise Classes, Learn How To Be A Perfect Birth Companion
8. ASK YOUR DOCTOR About Painless Labor – Epidural Anesthesia
9. PACK BAG With Essential Items For Delivery – Breastfeeding Nightgown, Pad, Baby Clothes, Tumbler, Spoon, Tissue Paper, Towels, Breastfeeding Bra, Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush And Paste, Inner Garments, Sanitary Napkin, Flask.
10. Make Sure These Are Others To Bring Her To The Hospital In Your Absence. Ask Them To Be Alert And Answer The Phone When She Calls.
11. There Is No Hurry To Drive At Top Speed To The Hospital Usually Labor Is A Long Drawn Process Takes A Minimum Of 3 Hours 95% Percentage Of The Time.
12. Be A Good Birth Companion To Your Wife. Give Her Massages, Hold Her During Contractions – Assist Her In Giving Fluids.
13. Try To Understand What Your Doctor Is Explaining To You. Don’t Be Over-Anxious. Try To Be Calm. Discuss Your Options With Your Doctor. Never Be In A Hurry. Labor Takes A Long Time. Select The Gynecologist Who Very Well Specializes In Pregnancy And Childbirth. Gynecologist In Velachery Offers You The Best Treatment Which Has A Huge Success Rate.
14. If There Are An Imminent Danger And The Doctor Insists On Taking Up For The Cesarean Section Due To Risks. Don’t Argue With Your Doctor And Make Your Decisions On What Is Best For The Mother And Baby.
15. Try To Be Understanding Of The Pain That Your Wife Is Going Through.
16. Give Importance To The Complaints The Laboring Mother Says
17. Cherish The Moments Soon After The Birth Of The Baby. Take Pictures. These Moments Are Going To Be Remembered For Posterity.
18. Breastfeeding Will Be Successful Only If You Constantly Encourage And Reassure Your Wife. Any Discouraging Comments From Others Will Only Throw Your Wife Off Track.
19. Labor Is A Natural Process, But There Is A Thin Line Between Natural Normal Events And Potential Disastrous Complications. So Your Overenthusiastic Attitude Or Laid Back Attitude, Should Not Be A Hindrance To Providing Appropriate Management. It Is Better To Be Safe Than Sorry.
20. Modern Medical Care Has Been Tremendously Successful In Reducing Maternal And Infant Mortality. Over The Last 30 Years, Tamil Nadu Has The Least Maternal Mortality Rate And Least Infant Maternal Mortality Rate Across India. So There Is Nothing To Fear. Discuss With Your Friends And Relatives And Select The Best Fertility Centre In Chennai.

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