Pain in pregnancy

Pain in pregnancy

Painkillers cannot be given in pregnancyGynecologist In Velachery

Women do suffer due to various types of pain in pregnancy like a headache,
back pain, coastal margin, pain near the panty line, pain in the legs, pain
in the breasts.

Though it is all normal and due to a stretch of the muscles only, it can be
painful to the pregnant mother.

We can use paracetamol (crocin) to control the pain if it is unbearable
with the doctor, but it gives only minimal relief.

You can use massage oils to relieve the pain.

You must maintain good posture to avoid back pain and you must practice
sitting erect without slouching too much.

You can keep a small cushion in the back of your chair and sit or keep a
small stool (below your desk) to lift up your legs and sit in a relaxed
way. You can do back massage, she can lie on her sides in the bed, and the
family members can do gentle massage from the neck to the buttocks followed
by a warm bath.

Thigh pain – sometimes due to compression of nerves, by the pregnant uterus
can cause radiating/shooting pain from the back to the thigh.

This can be relieved rotating your thigh in a circular motion for ten
times. Blood supply will improve to the legs.

Abdomen pain

Upper abdomen pain
à Maybe due to acidity and can be relieved with medicines and avoid spicy
and fatty food.

Lower abdomen pain
à If it is severe pain, it can be due to abortion, tubal pregnancy or
urinary tract infection. You must go to your doctor.

If the pain is mild, dull aching pain, it may just be an ordinary
stretching pain.

Sometimes wrist may be swollen and fingers may have pain due to swelling of
tissue. Mild pains are normal, if the pain is severe, do report to the
doctor without delay.

August 21, 2018 / Pregnancy

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