In your first visit at cm hospital Gynecologist In Velachery , your personal history, family history, medical surgical, and drug history will be taken . Your LMP will be recorded. Urine pregnancy test will be the first test done to confirm. Only if ... Read More
If a pregnant woman has increased lower abdominal pain or increased frequency of urination she may have urinary tract infection. Cm hospital have recommendedGynecologist In Velachery guided you with their guidelines. Many women have increased frequency of urination in the first 3 ... Read More
First 3 months of pregnancy can be very tedious. Vomiting can be very severe for some women. Vomiting tablets should be taken as soon as you wake up, sometimes even before you brush your teeth. If one medicine doesn’t ... Read More
NON VEGETARIAN MUTTON, BEEF & PORK WHITE MEAT,CHICKEN RED MEAT & FISH 1) Take more of White Meat and less of Red Meat. 2) Red Meat causes obesity 3) Take more of Fish and Chicken and Eggs. 4) Avoid Junk food 5) Do not overdo Nuts & dry fruits 6) Avoid taking biscuits ... Read More
Cm hospital have which is the leadingBest Fertility Centre in Chennai Jot out some points over this ectopic pregnancy. (Q) I had an ectopic pregnancy what should I do to avoid another one? (A) It is not possible to ... Read More
Cm hospital have some of the guidelines which is the leading Best Fertility Centre in Chennai 1) FIRST 3 MONTHS You can sleep in any position 2) NEXT 3 MONTHS Do not lie in prone position i.e. with your face down 3) AFTER 7 ... Read More
Safe abortion practices by a trained doctor at Best Fertility Centre in Chennai will help you terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Self-medication for abortion may turn out to be fatal. Please avoid such practices. Termination of pregnancy that is not a registered medical practitioner ... Read More
• Pregnant women are permitted to take wing by their doctors. • If you have complications hypertension and low lying placenta, you may possibly not be endorsed to air travel. • Also, women who have experienced premature delivery beforehand. • Women who have high risk during pregnancy might be facing the provoked discomposure or many other ... Read More
WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HAVE A NORMAL DELIVERY The preparation to have a normal delivery starts from the time you get pregnant. The three key determinants for a natural delivery are: The Doctor – The experience & expertise of your doctor is important. It is essential to choose the Best ... Read More

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