Cm hospital have which is the leadingBest Fertility Centre in Chennai Jot out some points over this ectopic pregnancy. (Q) I had an ectopic pregnancy what should I do to avoid another one? (A) It is not possible to ... Read More
Cm hospital have some of the guidelines which is the leading Best Fertility Centre in Chennai 1) FIRST 3 MONTHS You can sleep in any position 2) NEXT 3 MONTHS Do not lie in prone position i.e. with your face down 3) AFTER 7 ... Read More


by jbadmin / June 28, 2018 / Pregnancy
Safe abortion practices by a trained doctor at Best Fertility Centre in Chennai will help you terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Self-medication for abortion may turn out to be fatal. Please avoid such practices. Termination of pregnancy that is not a registered medical practitioner ... Read More
• Pregnant women are permitted to take wing by their doctors. • If you have complications hypertension and low lying placenta, you may possibly not be endorsed to air travel. • Also, women who have experienced premature delivery beforehand. • Women who have high risk during pregnancy might be facing the provoked discomposure or many other ... Read More
WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HAVE A NORMAL DELIVERY The preparation to have a normal delivery starts from the time you get pregnant. The three key determinants for a natural delivery are: The Doctor – The experience & expertise of your doctor is important. It is essential to choose the Best ... Read More

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