At the moment your baby’s Born 1/3 of their blood is still outside their body states cm hospitalBest Gynecologist in Chennai for Normal Delivery . If you delay cord clampy for 90 seconds they get 60% more blood cells. They get enough Iron ... Read More
CM HOSPITAL Best Gynecologist in Chennai for Normal Delivery is a baby friendly HOSPITAL. BFHI was launched by WHO and UNICEF in 1991. It is to improve hospitals role in promoting breast feeding. It improves the care of pregnant women, mothers and new born ... Read More
TIP NO.1: KEEP MOVING during your child birth and pregnancy. Do squats,stairs, walking, lunging states Fertility Centre in Chennai. TIP NO.2: Choose your birth partner – your husband / mother/ mother in law who is confident and calm person TIP ... Read More
some of the symptoms which are abnormal during pregnancy been listed by Gynecologist In Velachery Bleeding Unusual severe abdominal pain Vaginal discharge Severe headache Swelling of the legs Blurring of vision
Main Reason for Increased cesarian section is the lack of hospital Gynecologist In Velachery will let some of the guidelines. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. It has been made like a disease due to social ... Read More


by Dr.krithika manimaran / August 22, 2018 / Pregnancy
Swelling of the legs is common in pregnancy. This is called edema.Cm hospital will guide Gynecologist In Medavakkam If edema is associated with increased blood pressureà it is called pre-eclampsia it needs attention from your doctor. ... Read More
Painkillers cannot be given in pregnancyGynecologist In Velachery Women do suffer due to various types of pain in pregnancy like a headache, back pain, coastal margin, pain near the panty line, pain in the legs, pain ... Read More
In pregnancy due to the effect of hormones, your body face & neck may become dark. This is called as Melasma (Mask of pregnancy) It will not respond to skin creams. It will come back to normal post ... Read More
Cmhospital Gynecologist In Velachery elaborate its view on down syndrome It is a chromosome defect. It is very common in women more than 30 years, family history or previous history. It should be done by 11-14 weeks. On recent times due to late marriages and late baby planning à ... Read More
In your first visit at cm hospital Gynecologist In Velachery , your personal history, family history, medical surgical, and drug history will be taken . Your LMP will be recorded. Urine pregnancy test will be the first test done to confirm. Only if ... Read More

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